What's this about?

Car Colours is a database of colour data for all vehicles across the UK. For every specific model of car, it shows the colour that it was first registered with.

Where is the data from?

The DVLA provide a data set called the anonymised data set, which contains 30 different fields about every vehicle in the UK. It must be purchased and is primarily used by companies for marketing purposes. Check out the information on the DVLA's website here.

For the purpose of this website, we have purchased a subset of this data - namely the Make code, Model code, Date of first Registration and Colour code fields.

How many different colours are there?

Obviously, car manufacturers offer a lot of different colours to their customers. For example, Ferrari offer at least six different shades of red as standard on most of their cars, before you even think about diving into the more exclusive 'paint to sample' colours!

As far as the DVLA data is concerned though, there are only 19 differentiating colours in order to keep things simple. Colours are grouped into the most relevant.

The colours are: Beige, Black, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Cream, Gold, Green, Grey, Maroon, Multi-colour, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Turquoise, White and Yellow.

What vehicles are included in the data?

Every type of vehicle is included in this data - that includes cars, motorcycles and even tractors! That's why vehiclecolours.co.uk also brings you here.

Also, wondering why the most popular colour was white last year on our front page? That's because vans are very predominantly white and make up a considerable number of all vehicles.

How far does the data go back?

The data officially goes back all the way to the year 1900. However, the completeness and accuracy of the data gets progressively worse the further you go back, especially in regards to colour.

How accurate is the data?

As with all government data sets, there are errors. Most commonly, vehicles are registered under slightly incorrect model names. To be sure you're looking at the correct data for your car, it's worth cross-referencing the model with what it says on your V5 document.